Our Program

Be inspired by Jewish role models from the past.

Immerse yourself in their lives, consider the ramifications of their choices, and put yourself in their shoes: Would you have broken the tablets God had just given you, like Moses? Voted against the Uganda Plan at the Zionist Congress, like Vladimir Jabotinsky? Assumed control of the Jewish Agency when all of your colleagues were arrested, like Golda Meir? Recognize just how relevant these men and women are to your own lives, as visionaries and decision-makers to emulate.

Write a polished magazine article every term.

Work with our mentors to produce articles on the Jewish and Zionist role models of your choice. Present a figure you think is under-appreciated, or offer a new take on an already-cherished hero; analyze the important decisions your role models made and explore the lessons we should draw from their words and actions. Our professional writing tutors work with you every step of the way, and journalists from our sister publications Mosaic and Jewish Review of Books offer lectures to sharpen your prose.

Engage with prominent Jewish leaders of today.

Connect with and hear from Jewish leaders in politics, business, and journalism. Interview the speakers for the Journal. Our speakers this term include:

  • Dan Senor, author of Start Up Nation
  • Bari Weiss, former New York Times columnist
  • Eva Moskowitz, CEO of Success Academy

Gain leadership experience on our editorial board.

Join our editorial board for even more college-ready writing experience. Plan and edit each issue’s articles. Participate in curriculum development and the speaker selection process. Board members are chosen midway through their junior years and continue through the fall of 12th grade. Positions include managing editor, symposia editor, longform editor, and interview editor.

Form lasting friendships with talented Jewish peers.

Meet a talented group of public and independent school students your age from the greater NYC area. Connect with them at social meetups and speaker events. Make friendships that can last a lifetime.