The revitalized 2023-24 Solomon Journal is a premiere outlet of young Jewish American journalism on serious, relevant topics. The journal brings together Tikvah’s emphasis on lofty ideas with the impact of genuinely held beliefs, refined and articulated in a concrete way. We have selected a phenomenal student Editorial Board, under the supervision of Consulting Editor Kennedy Lee.

The centerpiece of the Journal is the Symposium, modeled after Commentary’s Symposium which showcases several angles on a contemporary problem. We will also be publishing Features and Book Reviews as well as other exciting sections ranging from journalistic pieces to poetry, Arts & Culture to a Tanakh/Biblical column. The objective is to discuss current issues and to examine arts and scholarship, new and old. The journal will be published in print twice annually and digitally on a rolling basis.

Our submissions period is now open – we encourage students to begin thinking about and drafting pieces for the journal.

For more information about the Solomon Fellowship, please click here.

About Tikvah

Tikvah’s purpose is to educate the rising generation of Jewish, Zionist, and American leaders and to advance the most serious thinking about the great challenges facing the Jewish people in the modern age. We seek to cultivate Jewish citizens with moral confidence and civic courage, informed by the hard-won lessons of Jewish history and devoted to strengthening Western civilization through Jewish ideas and institution-building.

To advance this mission, Tikvah operates intensive fellowship programs, summer institutes, working groups, and honors programs for students of all ages; and we produce publications, podcasts, conferences, and online courses that bring Tikvah’s ideas to the world.