The Sacrifice


Deep within evil lies a thought worn of time
It eagerly accepts a grant of evil
The sacrifice?
You know it
A scapegoat lit on fire subject to a rhyme
Poetry cursed to turn blood beautiful

I know, however, something that you surely don’t
The goat is much more than inspirational quotes
Don’t worry however
Don’t worry
Don’t shudder
I will be sure to keep your precious ego afloat

I will not tell you about the screams from the alter
You shall never know about pain
You will never know that your martyrs were once little children
It is all covered up by a flame

We will of course weep for the martyr turned victims
The ones who screamed in suffering
We will not replace their tears with hymns
And we know God will not accept your offering

But don’t worry my friend
Once again
We would never ever offend

Not your fragile view
Of your own life askew
Although we surely know better than you

There is one thing though
One thing that is true
Something I know that you say too
It is true that no one dies like us
We, the Jews

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