A New Viewpoint on Diversity

Often, it seems that the people who talk about diversity never visit diverse communities. People seem to think that diversity is based on how one looks. True diversity is not about how someone looks, but how they act.

The Tanakh Roots of Core American Values

Jacob Shayefar

To many, what constitutes American values is obvious: private property, civil liberties, the rule of law, and political equality, to name a few. But these values are hardly exclusively American. In fact, these notions are often the extension of ideas first found directly in the Tanakh.

Grant Me the Strength

Grant Me the Strength

Lilly Elliasevich

On Christmas Day, 1991, the hammer-and-sickle banner that had fluttered over the Kremlin for 70 years was lowered for the last time, replaced by the new flag of the Russian…