The Orchard

Reviewing "The Orchard" by David Hopen it is easy to be amazed by the coming of age story. Guided by a kabbalistic fable, and interwoven with the complexities of Orthodox Judaism, "The Orchard" portrays Jewish American life in a nuanced way and let's all of the characters, from all walks of life, articulate their own individual appreciation for Judaism.

The Dignity of Difference

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks' book, "The Dignity of Difference", explores the two extremes of a purely religious and a solely political society as well as the place of Judaism and religion in general in this highly political world.

Ethics in A Song of Ice and Fire

George R.R. Martin’s "A Song of Ice and Fire", seeks to ascertain whether a life lived with honor or without is superior. What makes his insights fascinating is how he uses two starkly opposed characters and contrasts them both in life and in their respective legacies after death, in order to provide a full picture of which ethical system is superior.

Hard Times Create Strong Jews

In an examination of American Jewry's financial and intellectual situation, as well as the current political and religious divisions running through the community, one can't say that Milton Himmelfarb was correct in his prediction of a future of "fewer but better Jews".

The Importance of Extracurriculars

Extra curriculars have long been proven to not only aid students in having safe and healthy hobbies, but also in making sure children are ready to become independent adults. The importance of pursuing potential and growing into your own person is both a Jewish value and vital for the future of the Jewish people.

Israel at 75: A Nation Built Upon Sacrifice

On the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, it's important to reflect and appreciate both the Jewish people's historical and religious connections to the land, and the work and sacrifice that made the dream a reality.

Fortifying the “Torah” in Torah u-madda: A Plea to Modern Orthodox Day Schools

In a deep look at his background and motivations, the picture of Jewish writer Allen Ginsberg becomes more clear to the observer. His difficult past and masterful mix of secular, religious, and kabbalistic, as well as various other, themes in his work came to a head in his poem "Kaddish", written to be an elegy for his mother.