The Ascent of the Fallen


We are lost and found
Free yet also constrained
Many fall by the day
Lost ones float up to the sky
More and more
Innocent lives
Lone soldiers
Off the plane they emerge as one
Wings spreading
Fighting for their country
For their home
For the place we all unite
Until then we continue to crack
But can never be fully broken

It was a day of celebration
Of love and festivity
Of happiness
Until the sound rang out
We were hunted
Prey for the wild beasts of the desert
Our souls were ripped from our bodies
Carried to heaven that day by the hundreds
Awaiting judgment day

And yet I feel that pain thousands of miles away
My heart pulses with sorrow and loss
Of the hurt and the open battle wounds
Of the innocent children awaiting salvation
Waiting for someone to turn on the light
Someone to awaken the sleep
Or to clarify the uncertain
We are as small as a grain of sand in a beach
Or as one star in a sky full of countless
And yet we have such an enormous impact on the world

Although we have been through so much
So many deaths
So much sacrifice
We continue to persevere
We will rise out of the darkness
And into the light
And be lifted to heaven
The dead will be brought back life
The hurt will heal
The lost will return
All to the one place we all call home
We will never again be alone

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