From the Beginning to the End


It doesn’t always make sense
But it doesn’t always have to
I guess that’s the beauty
Of lasting so long
Of having little holes in your story
So it sounds like a song

I like to look at our people
Our names and our possessions
Our traditions and stories
I know that they’re as old as time
I wouldn’t sell them for a million dimes

When I examine the history
Of where we came from 
To where we are
I can’t help but notice
That soon we’ll be as many as the stars

We’ve been handed every obstacle
Every challenge in the book
Everything we’ve ever had
They always took

See, that‘s why I think
There’s something special
About us
All our forefathers are dust
All our items are lost or covered in rust
Yet we carry on
Our beliefs continue
From me to you

How do I know that we’ll always exist? 
I don’t
And yet I hope
With one eye on the past
Just knowing we’ll always last

Because there’s just something divine about us
In me
In you
In the prayers we read
And laws we try to heed

So listen when I tell you
That when the world is gone
And the ground is full of fire
And the streets are made of funeral pyres
We’ll be there
Just like we were before
Of that, I’m sure

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